How To Meet Women: Meeting Girls For Guys Who Hate Approaching

How To Meet Women: Meeting Girls For Guys Who Hate Approaching
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When men want to meet women they often make it more difficult for themselves than it has to be. They try to approach women in the street, when they’re running along at a train station, or when they’re in an environment that screams stress or business.

Instead they could make things very easy for themselves by following the three tips I am giving in this video: picking the right environment, the right place in the environment and the right context. I explain exactly what those are and why and why you’d make it much easier for yourself to meet women without having to run around approaching groups of girls.

Of course meeting new women is always going to be a bit exciting but with these three tips you’re going to find that you’re hardly ever finding yourself in a position where you are having to walk back to your table after being blown off by a girl or a group of girls. In other words you don’t have to approach new women in the traditional sense in order to meet women.

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How To Meet Women In Toronto

How to Pick Up Women

How to meet and fall in love with women is a subject that is very common in all over the world. This does not only involve meeting and attracting any type of woman but high quality women. Women that don’t bring a lot of drama into your life. Women who aren’t going to play mind games with you. Women that you would be more than happy to have a real relationship with. These are the type of women that you want to meet and are also probably having a hard time attracting into your life.

So, how do you meet and attract high quality in Women in Toronto

how to meet women and not escortsTo start with, think of what you want in a woman. What is that that will make you go for certain Toronto Escorts as opposed to another. Don’t just say that you want to have someone in your life, be specific about what kind of woman you’d like to have and attract into you life.

Once you know that – it gets a lot easier for you. You’ll have a much better idea of where you need to go to try and meet the type of a woman that you want to date. For example, if you want to meet a Women In Toronto who is health-conscious, then you’re probably likely to meet women in Toronto when doing their exercises and fitness exercises. Most last guys will go on backpage and order a Sexy Female Escorts because they are too lazy or just have no game to meet women

There are many escort agency companies that offer ladies and men. Tho, maintain the standards that you have set. For guys who feel really lonely, that can be a hard thing to do. However, it is what you need to do if you truly are going to meet high quality women In Toronto. You have to focus on who you want to be with and not get side tracked with just any woman who happens to come your way.  Guys will also go on Youtube and learn ways to pick up women and learn cool tips.

Finally sometimes persistence pays off. There are women who like playing hard to reach out too. However, if rejections have become repetitive, that only means she is totally not into you and you can move on to pursue other women. If a man gets a number of rejections from some women, he ought to make assessments about himself as a person. Pride should be set aside and accept his flaws. Acceptance of one’s flaws is the start of acceptance for further changes that would make him a more improved person. Overall, it is vital for a man to be all set at all times to speak to women wherever they are. This is an opportunity for them to practice and facilitate triumphing over their uncertainties and reservations when it comes to talking to them.

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Best Place To Meet Women (Don’t rationalize this message, if not meeting women GO OUT & APPROACH!)

Best Place To Meet Women (Don’t rationalize this message, if not meeting women GO OUT & APPROACH!)
DONT RATIONALIZE THIS MESSAGE. I hit on truth, but at the same time this message is very easy to rationalize.. If you have a fear of asking out women.. put yourself out there socially & ask out girls! Go do daygame. Go to a place where a girl your crushing on is for the purpose of asking her out and ask her out. Fake your fears! DEF Watch this follow up vid I made on this topic:

The point of this vid was to focus on living a life of EXCITEMENT and doing what YOU ENJOY.. and when moving forward in life, the inspiration to talk to girls / approach girls, even if your very nervous at first, should naturally come along your journey

If I told you ______ and ______ were the best places to meet women, you would go to those places looking to get something out of them. Which is completely fine and okay! Go do that here and there. But I propose a deeper way to think about “where’s the best place to meet women?”. This philosophy at its core has very little to do with logistics, but more to do with how YOU are living your life.

Remember, separation is an illusion. There is no separation between you and the rest of reality. There is nothing to “get out” of life. But as you improve your relationship to life, that will get you into more of a “flow”.

How can you improve your relationship with life itself to get more into “the flow”?

Be a man with a HIGHER PURPOSE (Your career, making the world a better place, improving yourself, MOVING FORWARD in some way etc.) (I think this actually is probably the most important thing & I wish I talked about this in the video)
Chase EXCITEMENT / passions / adventure / dream job / a challenge?
(Maybe going out and picking up girls is the exciting thing for you..)
Face a fear / anxieties?
Is there a problem in your life you can solve?
Being more honest with life and others?
Are there bullshit stuff in your life that you just gotta take care of which are holding you down?
Can you see the hardship in your life being there for greater purpose / teaching a lesson?

To get the most flow flowin’, what is the most extreme fear you can tackle? What is something that SUPER excites you? Hit the EXTREMES!

I love this quote:

“Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you, when you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence.”

Go somewhere by yourself. Go to new places. Go to new restaurants to eat. Explore your town! Do your work in a college library. Put yourself out there socially. Join clubs / activities that genuinely interest you. Say yes to every single social invite that comes your way.

Do yoga, join a book club, salsa dancing, solo-holiday, whatever… it doesn’t matter, as long you GENUINELY WANT to do that particular activity, but there is also NOTHING wrong with hoping to meet a lass there too…

I feel lot of guys who don’t enjoy bars and clubs go there just to meet girls. That would be the biggest example of where I would hope this video “clicks” for them & that they don’t need to go to places where they don’t like going just to meet girls.

Do something alone. Start with going to the grocery store alone lol. Don’t always rely on the energy of others’ like friends.

Lots of times getting into this “flow” of life will require that YOU do some “solo” work. Don’t do things based on societies intentions: friend’s , family’s, or business partner’s intentions, etc.. Go do things alone.

Also don’t be retarded and expect “the flow” to do ALL the work. You still need to talk to girls, exercise COURAGE, ask women out, etc.. But the experience should be much, much, much more flowing, natural, and inspired :)

Regarding all the messages I have ever given on youtube, I ask you guys to take nothing on my word, but to *test* the principles and the methods for yourselves and to always think critically. Take what resonates with you. Don’t rationalize this as an excuse. still go out for the purpose of meeting girls. Go do daygame. If you want something go get it. Just sharing a perspective :)

OR, you guys can prove me wrong. Do the EXACT opposite of my advice and go to a yoga studio with the intention of doing it mainly to meet women, go to locations where SURROUNDED by attractive women! haha. Doing the complete opposite of what I’m saying and going to a place where TONS of women would be to test this out actually sounds really fun haha.

Checkout my “Lone Wolf Paradigm” vid:

“You’re Going To Regret Watching This Video”:

BTW, this concept also applies to meeting men for you ladies aswell :)


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How To Meet Women: 1 Simple Technique For Shy Guys

How To Meet Women: 1 Simple Technique For Shy Guys
“How To Meet Women For Shy Guys: 1 Simple Technique For Shy Guys”

Are you a shy guy who has social anxiety and gets nervous when it comes to talking to women?

In this video, I’m going to share with you two of my best tips for meeting more women if you’re shy.

Tip #1: Go out and start talking to as many women as you can. Be present in the interaction. [0:08]

Tip #2: Put them in the friend zone. This makes you friends with her friends and their friends. [1:43]

Summary: Talk to as many girls and people as you can. Make friends with them. Smile more. [2:15]

When you start saying hi and talking to more girls and guys, men and women, both young and old, wherever you go, your social skills will grow and your comfort with talking with people will take hold.

If you’re a shy guy meeting women doesn’t have to be difficult. Start small, make progress and say Hi.

To your success,


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Best Places To Meet Women (Hint: It’s Not Clubs, Noisy Bars Or The Street)

Best Places To Meet Women (Hint: It’s Not Clubs, Noisy Bars Or The Street)
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When it comes to meeting and approaching girls in public places in order to chat and get her number it’s sometimes easy to set yourself up for failure and rejection. In fact, in the wrong environment you can pretty much be guaranteed to fail. On the other hand if you’re in the right environment you can make it super easy for yourself and really raise your chances of hitting it off with new women easily.

In the video you’ll hear about my favourite places to meet women easily and naturally, often without “approaching” or having to “walk up to her”. In these places you’re going to find it easy to find conversation starters, and you’ll be putting no pressure on her. You’ll find most women ready to engage in a conversation with you without worry. And you’ll also find it easy to withdraw from the situation if you realise that the two of you are not a great fit.

So be smart, and not one of those guys who hang around the clubs and hit on girl after girl just to get one girl’s phone number. It’s much simpler than that in the right environment.

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