How To Meet Women: 1 Simple Technique For Shy Guys

How To Meet Women: 1 Simple Technique For Shy Guys
“How To Meet Women For Shy Guys: 1 Simple Technique For Shy Guys”

Are you a shy guy who has social anxiety and gets nervous when it comes to talking to women?

In this video, I’m going to share with you two of my best tips for meeting more women if you’re shy.

Tip #1: Go out and start talking to as many women as you can. Be present in the interaction. [0:08]

Tip #2: Put them in the friend zone. This makes you friends with her friends and their friends. [1:43]

Summary: Talk to as many girls and people as you can. Make friends with them. Smile more. [2:15]

When you start saying hi and talking to more girls and guys, men and women, both young and old, wherever you go, your social skills will grow and your comfort with talking with people will take hold.

If you’re a shy guy meeting women doesn’t have to be difficult. Start small, make progress and say Hi.

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