How To Meet Women: Meeting Girls For Guys Who Hate Approaching

How To Meet Women: Meeting Girls For Guys Who Hate Approaching
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When men want to meet women they often make it more difficult for themselves than it has to be. They try to approach women in the street, when they’re running along at a train station, or when they’re in an environment that screams stress or business.

Instead they could make things very easy for themselves by following the three tips I am giving in this video: picking the right environment, the right place in the environment and the right context. I explain exactly what those are and why and why you’d make it much easier for yourself to meet women without having to run around approaching groups of girls.

Of course meeting new women is always going to be a bit exciting but with these three tips you’re going to find that you’re hardly ever finding yourself in a position where you are having to walk back to your table after being blown off by a girl or a group of girls. In other words you don’t have to approach new women in the traditional sense in order to meet women.

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